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RIGA is Lida's own cloud automation service. Over many years and across many clients, we've heard the same refrain - 'we want to automate our service end-to-end, but everything we want to connect with has its own way of connecting, and we have to be experts in so many different's all too hard!'

Well we've heard you, and RIGA is our response. RIGA takes the hard work out of connecting with different tools and technologies. We do all of the complex stuff under the covers, all you need to do is call our simple RIGA RESTful API once to do whatever it is you need to do. You're using the same API each time, so you only need to know how to call RIGA rather than 101 different APIs and scripting languages.


We've got some examples of what RIGA can do below, but new functions are being added all the time. And even better, if we don't already do something you want to do, just let us know and we'll work on building it in!


Azure Server Creation

One API call to create a server in minutes? Sign me up! Not only can RIGA create your server with the right subscription, region, resource group, virtual network and so on, but it can also add it to DNS and Active Directory, install and configure SCCM on it, and even add it to SolarWinds. You choose the options you want, and if we don't offer something you want yet we'll try to add it for you! Click below to start.


Azure DevOps

Create and assign new work items in seconds. Map your source data into Azure DevOps fields. Add comments and attachments on the fly. Get updates back from Azure DevOps to your source system. All handled by RIGA. Sound too easy to be true? Use the button below to get in touch and we'll show you that it isn't.


Alemba Service Manager

Create calls, requests and configuration items in Alemba Service Manager from your third party system with ease using RIGA's simple API. Whether it be creating requests based on a SharePoint form submission, logging events from your monitoring tools, or pulling server details out of AWS, RIGA has you covered. You're just one click from taking a great leap forward.



RIGA allows you to easily consume SAP OData services to do things like create, extend and terminate accounts. Alternatively, you can use RIGA to pull data out of SAP and into your own applications. Need a list of cost centers and their managers to use for routing approvals within your service desk tool? RIGA can bring that back for you via an OData service. The possibilities are endless. Contact us now.



We're extending our Azure Server Creation service to VMware's vCenter. You'll be able to create new servers both in the cloud and on premise, add and remove CPU, RAM and disk, power servers on and off, take and restore snapshots, decommission a server and much more. Use the button below to sign up and you'll be the first to know when it's ready to go!

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Amazon Web Services

We're also extending our Azure Server Creation service to encompass Amazon Web Services (AWS). We're planning to include all of the same functionality in our new AWS service as you'll get for Azure, with the same easy-to-use RIGA interface. Let us know you're interested using the button below and we'll keep you up-to-date with the release date.

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Azure​ Server v2

We're extending our Azure Server Creation service to allow you to dynamically resize  an Azure server, adding or removing CPUs, RAM and disk on the fly. We're also adding the ability to power servers on and off, and to decommission them. Our enhanced Azure Server service is coming very soon, click the button below and we'll let you know when it's ready to go.

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Based on our Azure DevOps service, our new Jira service will allow you to create and assign new issues in seconds. We'll have full support for field mappings, comments and attachments, as well as updates from Jira back to your source system. Click below and you'll hear from us as soon as it is up and ready to go.

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