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Lida Solutions have achieved consistent excellence in optimizing and automating IT processes for our clients. Our methodology and tools can see you realise huge gains in the turnaround time, quality and cost of the services you offer to your customers. 


RIGA is Lida's own cloud automation platform, allowing you to integrate your service desk with a vast range of tools and technologies via very simple API calls. RIGA takes the hard work out of automation.



Lida Solutions are Alemba Global partners with all of our consultants having more than 10 years experience working with the tool. We offer services in all aspects of ASM configuration and customization.



Lida Solutions is a Service Management Consultancy with more than 10 years' experience providing service excellence throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Lida was originally formed to provide IT Service Management consulting for the InfraEnterprise tool, which has now grown into the leading Service Management tool Alemba Service Manager. We continue to provide those services in all areas of the tool, including incident and problem management, request and change management, configuration management, integration, reporting and dashboarding. We also provide ASM training and customization services.

In 2015 we saw an opportunity to extend our services by introducing a specific focus on service automation, taking the tedious, time-consuming, repeatable activities that abound in any organisation and replacing them with agile, reliable, fully-automated tasks. This has been our core business since then, with clients repeatedly returning to automate 'just one more thing'.

As the next step in our evolution, we have now launched RIGA, our own cloud automation service which takes all of the hassle out of integrating with a vast array of modern tools and technologies.

At Lida, we remain committed to ensuring our customers are able to deliver their services to their business faster, quicker and more reliably than ever before. Click the button below to get in touch with us for a free consultation.