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More and more today we expect different tools and technologies to connect with each other quickly and seamlessly. We want to be able to send requests logged in Alemba Service Manager off to a development team to action and manage in Azure DevOps or Jira, without a fuss. We want to make sure that the employee data our Service Desk has is consistent with what is being maintained in SAP. We want to ensure that the list of servers in our Configuration Management Database is complete, so that we can easily log incidents against the right box. 

At Lida Solutions, we have extensive experience with integrating Alemba Service Manager with all kinds of different tools and technologies. Sometimes our integrations are small, like pulling a list of approvers for a report down from Power BI in real time so we can make sure the right people are actioning the approval. Sometimes they're much bigger, like integrating two enterprise-level Service Management systems. Either way, we have a proven approach which allows us to design and build integrations between just about anything you might want, using the integration technology that best fits your needs. Below are just a handful of examples of what we can do, but we have many more. Reach out to us to see if we can build the connection you're looking for.


Azure DevOps

Allow your development teams to manage their workloads the way they want to. Log a ticket in ASM and watch it create and assign new work items in Azure DevOps in seconds, keeping the data in sync between the two systems. Add comments and attachments to your ASM ticket and have them copied across to Azure  DevOps on the fly. Get updates back from Azure DevOps into ASM. 


Alemba Service Manager

Create calls, requests and configuration items in Alemba Service Manager from your third party system with ease. Whether it be creating requests based on a SharePoint form submission, logging events from your monitoring tools, or pulling server details out of AWS, Lida has you covered. 



Consume SAP OData services to do things like create, extend and terminate accounts. Pull data out of SAP and into your own applications. Need a list of cost centers and their managers to use for routing approvals within your service desk tool? Lida can bring that back for you via an OData service. The possibilities are endless.



Based on our Azure DevOps service, create and assign new issues in seconds. Full support for field mappings, comments and attachments, as well as updates from Jira back into Alemba Service Manager. .



Import your subscriptions, resource groups, servers, networks etc  down into your Alemba Service Manager Configuration Management Database. If it's in Azure and you want it, we can get it. In real time, or on a schedule.

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