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Lida Solutions began its life more than 10 years ago as a premium provider of consulting services for InfraEnterprise, the forerunner of Service Desk Management leader Alemba Service Manager. While still maintaining those core skill in ASM, over the last few years we have transitioned to become a leading provider of business process optimization and automation services, highlighted by the release our very own cloud automation service, RIGA. Click on the Services below to find out more.


Process Optimization

We can review your existing business processes and help you take concrete steps to get them running more efficiently, or help you design a brand new process to maximize gains in cost, quality and speed of delivery.


Alemba Service Manager Consulting

We are Alemba Global partners with all of our consultants having more than 10 years experience working with the tool. We offer services in all aspects of ASM configuration, customization and training.


Service Automation

Lida has developed industry-leading skills in service automation and orchestration, enabling our clients to reap the benefits of removing tedious, time-consuming manual activities from their processes.


RIGA Cloud Automation

RIGA is Lida's own cloud automation platform, allowing you to integrate your service desk with a vast range of tools and technologies via very simple API calls. RIGA takes the hard work out of automation.